Day 14: Call Your Mom

Christmas, along with birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries, is a day when we expect to receive gifts, cards, and phone calls. And while these special days are great reasons to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, we think it’s even more special when you show someone you care without having a specific reason.

So today’s Act of Kindness simple: call someone close to you – your mom, dad, a son or daughter, etc, and just tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them you were just thinking about them and you don’t need a special reason to call. They’ll love it, and even better, they’ll never expect it!

Share what you did!

  • My dad just had surgery, so I’ve been calling home often. Today, I’m going to call my family and some extended family members that I haven’t spoken to in a while to say hello.

  • Called my mum despite the unfortunate fact that she is very difficult. But kindness has no boundaries and overlooks all difficulties. I am sure it made her day.

  • spent two days with my 89 yr old mom. Did her Christmas decorations, laundry, sorted stacks of paper (she has advanced macular degeneration), shared stories, laughs, dinner with friends and her usual poker night (we lost $4 between us – she proudly stakes me, I’m 66), shared memories – she thinks I make them up, HA HA). It was SO much fun. I see my destiny in my mother.

  • A day doesn’t pass where I find myself so grateful for this woman – she is still with me and we travel the world often together – how cool is that to be able to learn all over again at my mom’s knee at the age of 59+ (me) and 82 (her) – we are good for each other!

  • I am the old one, so this was sort of hard to find someone to call and do this for, however I sent a text message to a friend in the Yukon who only gets text messages and said nothing special just hey and thanks. She loved it.
    That got me to going so I started with the other friends one at a time of course, and have been texting or calling them. They expect me to write letters not text so this does surprise them. this is gaining in fun.

Did you do this act of kindness? Tell us how awesome it was!

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