Day 16: Post-It, Hide-It!

Here’s another simple but really fun AoK.

1. Get yourself a pack of post-it notes.
2. Write down a thoughtful, touching message to someone you love – ideally someone you live with (wife, daughter, parent, etc).
3. Cleverly hide that note in a place where your loved-one will find it, but not right away! For example, you could place the following note to your wife on page 218 of the book she’s currently reading:

Hi Beautiful!
I just thought page 218 would be a great place to tell you how much I love your smile.
Love, Your Snuggle Bunny

Now repeat the above as many times as your creative mind can handle, and for all the loved ones in your home. Here are a few more ideas:

-Inside your daughter’s SAT study guide: “You’re one smart cookie – I just know you’ll do amazingly well on your test!”
-In your husband’s tool box: “Thank you for all the little things you fix around the house!”
-At the bottom of your son’s sock drawer: “I see you’re out of socks! I knew this might happen, which is why I bought you some more. You can find them behind the sardines in the pantry”

Got some creative suggestions for the other AoK-ers? Share them below!

Share what you did!

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  • This one is my favorite so far. There are so many great, cheesy, fun possibilities:

    - “I’m stuck on you” on the bottom of a shoe
    - “You’re spicy” on the curry
    - “You’re sweet” on the sugar
    - “You light up my life” on the light switch
    - “You’re heavenly” on the sky light

  • It may be “cheesy” it sure gets attention and makes it absolutely clear that you were seriously thinking of the person – my husband and I have randomly done this for years but we use the sappiest greeting cards we can find – hidden somewhere where we will find it at a surprising and maybe embarrassing moment – I Love You – does wonders in the dull meetings while we are travelling without the other. The fun thing is that we save these missives for some bumpy times!

    I love Stephan’s ideas – they really take a curious creative approach to the project!

  • I am the lucky recipient of Stephan’s approach and I have to say it’s been making my days! Today, for example, I went to make soup and there, attached to the bouillon cubes, is a note thanking me for “spicing up his life”. So much more love went into the soup thanks to his 10 second effort.

    This calendar is just awesome and is inspiring so much good! Thanks Noomii!

    Yesterday, I put a note on Steph’s toothbrush that said, “Your smile brightens my day!” The cheesiness never ends!!!!

  • I have done this for years and put notes in my husband’s hunting gear, on his breakfast packets of oatmeal, in his clothes, and when he is lucky enough to take our 5th wheel, on the inside of the doors, the fridge, etc. One year I was gone with the kids before he left for a 2 week hunting trip to Alsaka. When I got home he had unrolled the TP and every 7 or 10 sheets had placed a note! He had also placed a carad on my pillow that gave me the directions to where to look for another one the next day. We have been married 43 years but love what happens whenever we find a note!!

    I also leave random notes at my children’s houses when I go visit. It has been several months before they find them and tell me.

    I really love this calendar and have shared the link with a women’s Bible study that I lead. Have heard many positive comments. Thanks Noomi. :)

    • Thanks for the story Shirley and thanks for spreading the advent calendar to others. We are fueled by being able to reach as broad an audience as possible. Together we are making a big difference. :)

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