Day 17: Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

Ah, the joys of Christmas shopping. If you’re like many people, you’ll likely be spending part of this weekend fighting for a parking spot at the mall or bumping elbows with other shoppers in a mad rush to buy the last jar of cranberry sauce on the shelf. All of which can lead to a few hot tempers and bitter scowls – hardly the Christmas spirit!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today’s Act of Kindness is to spend the day turning those occasional moments of anger and frustration into moments of joy and happiness. It’s easy, once you get the hang of it.

Did someone just cut you off on the drive to the mall? Brush it off and let someone else in front of you at the deli counter. Did the stressed-out checkout girl give you a frown? Don’t take it personally! Instead, smile back at her and tell her she’s doing a great job. Did someone slam the door on you with your hands full of shopping bags? Turn it around by holding the elevator for the next person. You’d be amazed how easy it is to turn a stressful situation into a moment of surprise joy for an unsuspecting stranger – and for yourself!

Luckily, there’s a lot of opportunities to turn lemons into lemonade this season – if you’re on the lookout for them.

Share what you did!

  • I was fourth in line at our local supermarket and the three people in front of me were frowning and scowling; as a result the girl on the checkout was not happy, then I got to the front of the queue, smiled at her, and chatted to her; and her whole mood changed. Thank you Lord for lemonade.
    A joyful and blessed Christmas and New Year to all :)

  • I’m a volunteer at a museum. Today was the day of the children’s party. We had punch, cookies, candy and give aways on the half hour draw. There was even a story hour. BUT NO ONE CAME. It was free and all the volunteers and docents were all there. What I did was to laugh and carry on as if there were children there. Then I went out into the street and up and down the street and invited the other business to come over for the cookies and punch. I was spreading the cheer. By the time the drawing happened I had hooked with my candy cane cane four people to come in and visit, and got the news paper photograhper to take my photo hamming it up as the candy cane bandit. They all were laughing and joking. The ungifted toys went to Toys for Tots. Since we are a Marine family this was a blessing. I was able to give candy canes and the story of the candy cane away to everyone on the street and in the business.
    The no community support was the lemon, and the lemonaide was party anyway. Thank you Jesus for being able to spread the candy canes’ message.

  • I coordinated a giving tree for my church. My committee and I planned to sort the gifts after church yesterday so I could deliver them today. The lemons? No gifts were found for four individuals. I could see my planned afternoon of personal Christmas shopping going down the drain. The committee member who had done the most organizing work stepped up to help and we made lemonade all afternoon. I invited her to my home for a quick lunch and we set off to fill in the gaps. We found appropriate gifts for each individual. I spent the afternoon with a lovely friend doing something that fulfilled both of us. With lots of help from my daughter and husband, the gifts were wrapped and sorted and I delivered them to happy organizers this morning. An added blessing was that the money for the additional gifts were available in a fund at church. Lemonade, even on a cold December day, can be very refreshing.

Did you do this act of kindness? Tell us how awesome it was!

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