Day 18: Give Flowers

It’s Sunday again, so we thought we’d give you another easy one. Today’s Act of Kindness is simple: give flowers to someone you love.

It doesn’t need to be over the top: a dozen red roses would be great, but that’s way more than necessary. In fact, if you live in a part of the world that still has flowers in bloom, you might want to consider going out and picking them yourself. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

That’s it. Really. Now go enjoy your Sunday already!

Share what you did!

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  • I give my mom flowers on my birthday (Dec 17) to say thank you for having me. I decided to buy some extra flowers for my sister too! There were smiles all around. We actually had a family Christmas on the 17th so I took the flowers to my mom and sister on the 18th. My mom loves that I give her a gift on my birthday!!

  • I gave flowers to my mom who was hosting a family dinner.
    I also helped an old woman across the street – it sounds so cliche! – she was trying to get across a major street with her walker, so I stopped my car to assist her and people were quite patient with us. I wanted to support her independence but she just needed someone to advocate to the drivers to slow up and give her the chance. She was a real sweetie! I only hope I can get around like that when I am her age! Merry Christmas all.

Did you do this act of kindness? Tell us how awesome it was!

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