Day 19: Help the Helpers

They’re out there every day in the cold and the snow, risking frostbite on the tips of their fingers, toes, and beaks. Through it all, the friendly Salvation Army volunteers ask nothing in return other than kind donations of people like you and me.

So today’s Act of Kindness is to show appreciation to the tireless volunteers from all organizations who’ve been giving their time and energy to help others this Christmas season. Whether it’s the Salvation Army or any other volunteer-based organization, there are a lot of ways you can show your support. Here are just a few:

-Bring a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to the Salvation Army guy on the street corner
-Take some cans of food down to your local food bank, and while you’re there, bring a small gift or thank-you card to give to the volunteers
-Bring some doggie and kitty treats down to your local animal shelter, as well as some home-baked Christmas goodies for the volunteers

Got more ideas on how to show appreciation to our friendly neighborhood helpers? Share them below!

Share what you did!

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  • I collect canned food and other dry goods a month before christmas so that I can donate a sizeable amount to those in need. Yesterday, I was able to donate two large bags of food to the food bank.

    Man-did that feel good !

Did you do this act of kindness? Tell us how awesome it was!

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