Day 21: Quit Yer Complaining!

This coffee is awful! How long does it take to get some service around here? And what’s the deal with this rain – it’s making my feathers frizzy.

We all complain. It’s natural. But guess what: nobody wants to hear it! So today’s Act of Kindness is to save your fellow coworkers, friends, and family the eye-rolling by making a deliberate effort to not complain, even once, all day long.

Now, it’s one thing to say “don’t complain”, but another thing to actually do it. So here’s the secret to success: instead of thinking of what’s wrong with your current predicament, ask yourself what’s right about it. You’d be amazed how good you feel when you focus on the good things, instead of the bad things, in a given situation. And, even more importantly (since this is an AoK), you’d be amazed how good it will make the people around you feel, too!

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  • This is so true. In my last job, there was a guy who used to come into the office, and he always said negative things, which got me down after a while, then I decided to turn everything round every morning when he came in. Wow, that made me feel better, and I reckon the rest of the team felt better, also, even if it only made them laugh, when I told them one of my cheesy jokes

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  • Yes, my act of kindness was to ignore someone who was attempting to incite an unjustified arguement.. I handed this person a small gift, and I believe she was embarrassed as she said to me,:”your gift to me is a better attitude”. Whatever she was about to argue about seemed to have gotten lost.

  • Phew, it’s been tough – I like a good whinge at work, but I think I’ve done it and it feels really good! Maybe I can manage two days…

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