Day 23: Turn On Your Kindness Radar

Just two more sleeps til Christmas… woot! We can hardly wait, but wait we must, and in the meantime, there are plenty of Acts of Kindness to do.

So far this month, we’ve asked you to call your mom, quit complaining, smile at strangers, and give your dog an extra long belly rub. And as great as those AoKs were, they were mostly planned in advance. But what happens when an opportunity for an unplanned Act of Kindness presents itself? Will you be ready to spring into action with a helping hand? Will you even notice? You will if your Kindness Radar is turned on!

What’s a Kindness Radar, you ask? It’s your ability to spot the opportunity for spontaneous Acts of Kindness throughout your day. Maybe you’re at the supermarket when someone knocks over a pile of tuna cans. Instead of thinking to yourself “I’m glad that wasn’t me!” and walking the other way, offer to help pick them up. If you notice a coworker struggling to meet a last-minute deadline, don’t just go back to surfing the web – help them out instead. The trick is to keep your eyes and ears open to the many opportunities for AoKs that the world offers up on a daily basis. You’ll be amazed at how many there are – if you’re constantly on the lookout for them.

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  • I am going to miss this advent calendar, I had a lot of great moments doing the AOK’s. Thank you for creating it and for all the happiness that you brought.

  • I thought this calendar was a wonderful idea. My only regret is that I was too busy to follow it on a daily basis (I think a lot of people are especially before Christmas).
    But one AoK at the beginning of each week in 2012 would be much more managable (and could be repeated daily if suitable).

  • so much enjoyed the calendar, and the ‘tasks’. didn’t get to them all…but they certainly made this Christmas a more mindful one! THANK YOU.

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