Day 24: Give Experience Gifts

It’s December 24, and if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, you might be thinking about one final trip to the mall. And that means fighting traffic, finding a parking spot, and elbowing your way through the crowds.

But you have another option for those last-minute gifts. And it’s something you can do from the comfort of your own home, which means you won’t have to change out of your pajamas or your comfy polar-bear slippers.

Today’s AoK is to consider giving one or two experience gifts to the people on your list. Experience gifts are things that don’t come in a box, can’t be picked up and shaken, and don’t need to be returned when they’re the wrong size. Instead, they’re experiences that you and you loved one(s) can do together.

Here are a just few ideas for experience gifts:

- A romantic, home-cooked dinner for your wife or husband.
- A camping trip for the kids
- Spa or massage treatments
- A wine tasting tour
- A hot air balloon ride
- Gourmet cooking lessons
- A canoe or sailing trip
- Bungee jumping or skydiving
- Recreate your first date or the first time you met your spouse

If you really want to have fun with this idea, you could write your experience gift on a card and wrap it in a box so it looks like a more traditional present. And remember, your experience gift doesn’t need to be expensive – some of the best ones don’t cost anything at all. The idea is to give something that will create a lasting memory for you and your recipient, so focus on things that you can do together.

And have a very Merry Christmas!

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  • The magic formula for putting more joy into our life can be summed up in one word – experience gifts- ! In my opinion this AOK was of the best ones -not to say the best-!! Merry merry Christmas

  • I do something similar -ish but homemade: I owe you a … meal out / tea party/ marmalade-making afternoon / house elf for a day etc :)
    Usually just for family but they love them & it makes it interesting thinking of something original. Merry Christmas All!!!

    ps have loved the calendar :)

  • This was an act of experience. Thank you and Merry Christmas. I gave Candy Cane out with my husband. I took him to places and we went and gave out candy canes wishing the people a Merry Christmas. He didn’t say anything, just smiled a lot and the people that got the candy canes, were jolly afterwards. They had BIG smiles. and that was heart warming.

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