Day 9: Give of Yourself

Day 9 One of our all time favorite Christmas songs is The Little Drummer Boy. It tells the story of a poor boy who visits baby Jesus in the manger but has no money to buy an expensive gift that’s “fit to give a king”. So he thinks for a minute, takes stock of his available talents and resources, and comes up with a gift that doesn’t cost any money at all: playing his drum.

This year, you’ll probably buy a lot of gifts for the people on your list. In addition to all those store-bought socks, scarves, and flipper warmers, we want you to give at least one gift that doesn’t cost any money at all. It could be a service of some kind – like the little drummer boy did – or something that you make out of everyday stuff. Either way, you’re giving of yourself, which we think is the true meaning of Christmas!

It’s amazing what you can make with the things that happen to be lying around, if you get creative. This very calendar, for example, was conceived of at around 5:30 p.m. on November 30, developed in a hot chocolate-fueled all-nighter using free software like WordPress and launched the next day on December 1.

But that’s chopped mackerel compared to what 16 year old Sean Quigley accomplished when he decided to create his own version of Little Drummer Boy. His brilliant music video has received nearly a million views on YouTube in less than two weeks. Not only did he arrange, record, and mix all the music himself, he also directed and edited the video, all on a shoe-string budget. If that weren’t enough, he sang the vocals and played all the instruments on the track: guitar, keyboard, and of course, drums. His resulting Christmas gift to the world would no doubt make baby Jesus smile.

What will you create with your available talents and resources this Christmas? Let us know!

Share what you did!

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  • I created a quilt this month for my daughter using a jacket I had cross stitched mickey mouse onto years ago for her. The mickey mouse was the center point of the quilt. I created another quilt also this month for my youngest daughter using fabric we found on a shopping trip in Maui. I’m working to finish them in time. I’m close! I created a cookbook of family recipes so our favorites live on past me.

  • I’m giving my mother-in-law an oral history/memoir project this year. We’ll spend two hours together doing recorded interviews about whatever aspect or time period of her life she chooses. I’ll transcribe the audios and help her digitize accompanying slides and photos to go with the text.

    These are services I also get paid to do, but I’d rather spend that quality time with her and create a gift that will be passed down for generations than earn money doing it with someone else and then using my earnings to buy her something at a store! I’m very excited to give this to her and think she’ll love it!

  • I made my mom a website for her acting career back in 2006. She loves it and uses it often, but over the last 5 years, I have made very few changes to it and it has become very dated looking. So, for Christmas, I think I’ll give her a brand new website that she will hopefully love just as much as the old one. :)

  • Last year we gave the gift of cooking a Holiday Dinner for our nephew and his wife at their house after they worked all day. One of the best gifts we received was when our nephew’s MIL Xmas over one evening and played Away in the Manger and other carrolls on her flute.

Did you do this act of kindness? Tell us how awesome it was!

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