Day 6: Share Your Good News

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Posted on December 6, 2018

Even though many of the news headlines can be doom and gloom, today's AoK is all about sharing some positive news. Did you have a particularly awesome experience last night? Even if you didn't, can you share the delight of having an uneventful, relaxing evening? Did someone let you in ahead of them in traffic? Did you beat your previous jogging distance record? Big or small, good news is for sharing, so tell your partner about it over breakfast, bask in your good fortune with your coworkers or tweet your good news to your followers.

Bonus: To get others to share their good news with you, try asking "what was the best thing that happened...last night, this morning, on your way to work, at the party, etc?" You'll be amazed at all the good news when you ask for it.