Day 9: Quit Your Complaining!

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Posted on December 9, 2018

Sunday’s are a time to relax and kick back, but sometimes duty calls and you’ve got to get weekly tasks done - whether it be grocery shopping, prepping lunches for the week or getting some last minute Christmas shopping done. It’s also not uncommon for people to spend their Sunday dreading the upcoming week before it has even started. With that in mind, today’s Act of Kindness is to quit your complaining for the ENTIRE day. That means no whining about the long lineup at the grocery store, no complaining to your wife about your endless to-do list and absolutely no negative talk about the dreaded Monday ahead. We all have a ton on our plates, but complaining won’t solve anything and only adds to the plate of those around you. So not only will your complaint-free Sunday make your day a little easier to manage, your gesture will go a long way to making their's that much more pleasant too.