Day 12: Quit Your Complaining!

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Posted on December 12, 2016

Ahh the dreaded Mondays. After a nice relaxing weekend, Monday morning’s serve as a rude awakening back into the real world and your first instinct may be to complain to anyone who will listen. With that in mind, today’s Act of Kindness is to quit your complaining for the ENTIRE day. That means no whining to your family about having to get up in the morning, no grimacing at the long line at Starbucks and no complaining to your coworkers about your endless to-do list. We all have a ton on our plates, but complaining about it won’t solve anything and only adds to the plate of those around you. So not only will your complaint-free Monday make your day a little easier to manage, your gesture will go a long way to making their's that much more pleasant too.