Day 10: Random Notes of Kindness

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Posted on December 10, 2015

This is one of our all-time favorite AoKs because it's so simple and yet so much fun. Here's how it works: get yourself a pad of yellow sticky notes and a pen. Write down as many kind, sweet, and romantic messages as you can, and then hide them in various places around the house where your special someone will find them in the coming days and weeks.

We are particularly fond of cheezy, sentimental puns. For example, you might write a note that says "You knock my socks off!" and hide it at the bottom of your sweetie's sock drawer. Or maybe a note that says "Do you realize how SAUCEome you are?" on a can of spaghetti sauce in the cupboard. If you come up with a particulary great idea, make sure to share it in the comments below. Have fun!