Day 10: Be Courteous to Your Fellow Commuters

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Posted on December 10, 2019

Day 10 already? You are doing great!

For Today's Act of Kindness, try to be extra courteous to your fellow commuters. Here are some ideas of things you could do:

If you are walking around today, add some spare change to a parking meter that has run out of time to help someone avoid a parking ticket. If you don't come across one, then simply make a point of smiling at the people you pass by while walking.

If you will be driving today, then let the person in the other lane merge in front of you, or smile and wave when someone lets you merge in. 

If you are taking public transit today, then offer your seat to someone else if all the seats are taken, or smile and thank the transit workers that you come across.

Let us know what you were able to do today and how it went!