Day 11: A Picnic with a Friend

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Posted on December 11, 2021

Artwork and words by Georgia & Isla from Mr. Duteil's grade 6 class at École Glenmore Elementary.

Today's act of kindness is to surprise a friend with a picnic at the park. The weather is getting colder, but you can still enjoy the company of a friend so invite someone to the park but surprise them with a nice picnic, it might be cold where you live so you could make hot chocolate, soup, and sugar cookies if you are feeling really generous then you can get them a small gift or make one yourself!

Maybe it's too cold outside, so you could have your picnic indoors. Set it up like you are outdoors you could play the sound of birds chirping and you could even set it up close to a window, so you feel like you are outdoors having a picnic. To make it even more special keep the picnic part a secret and they can enjoy the surprise you have set up for them. You will need a blanket or bench at the park, food, drink, cups, plates and maybe a warm blanket. Enjoy!