Day 23: Give a Book of Gratitude

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Posted on December 23, 2021

Progect, design and words by Myia from Mr. Duteil's grade 6 class at École Glenmore Elementary.

How would you feel if someone gave you a sweet gift that you can look back on and think happy thoughts.  That's how the special person you choose will feel when you present them with today's act of kindness. 

You will need oversized paper clips, some ribbon, tape, a piece of paper, and a printer.

First print the kind words on the piece of paper. Then tape the ribbon right on top of the words and put it in the printer again. (Make sure it’s put in the right way.) print the words again and take them out of the printer. Your words should be printed on the ribbon. After that tie your ribbon onto the big paper clip and use a dab of hot glue to secure it if needed.

It's your choice who you want to give it too. Make sure you give it to them with a smile!!! :) 

Check out this great video to show the step by step how to make this Act of Kindness: