Day 7: Simple Acts of Kindness

I did this! 124

Posted on December 7, 2021

Artwork and words by Raine from Mr. Duteil's grade 6 class at École Glenmore Elementary.

Being kind should be a part of everyone's life. Being kind can be as easy as opening a door for someone, that would make my day, it’s that easy.

Simple acts of kindness are to make people happy, so they will hopefully do the same kind acts to other people in return to make everyone happy. Wouldn't that make everything way easier in life if everyone was happy. But some people just aren't happy so your challenge for today is to go and do a simple act of kindness and hope the act continues on.

I can remember this one time I fell down when I was in grade two and a grade six helped me up and took me to the office to get me cleaned up that made my day. So, when I was in grade five this kid fell and I remembered when that grade six did that to me and so I helped him up and brought him to the office, now maybe he will do that when he is older. Please take three seconds out of your day to do something nice.