Day 11: Messages of Hope

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Posted on December 11, 2020

Day 11: Message of HopeThroughout the pandemic, while people have been isolated at home with the desire to do something to show they care, some folks put messages of hope, love and appreciation on their windows. Facebook groups like "Hearts in the Window" have grown from 150 members in March to nearly 160K in December with members all over the world. 

Your AoK for today is simple: add a message of hope to your window. It can be as simple as a heart. Or maybe you want to write the words "Be Kind" for neighbours to read. Perhaps you want to really jazz things up and add twinkly lights. And if you already have a display in your window, maybe it's time for a refresh or a little addition?!

Whatever you do, know that the messages of hope you are displaying will be noticed and appreciated by all who see them. Please share a photo of yours in the comments below. We'd love to see them!