Day 7: Reach out to Someone Living Alone

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Posted on December 7, 2020

Day 7: Reach out to Someone Living AloneSome of the hardest hit during the pandemic are those who live alone. When forced to isolate or quarantine at home, they don't have anyone to help pass the time. We penguins live in colonies and need our friends and family for survival and humans are much the same. 

So your AoK for today is to connect with someone who lives alone, paying particular attention to those who don't have family or friends nearby. You can reach out via text message, a phone call or even another Zoom chat. If the lucky recipient of your kindness has an accessible window, dropping by and waving to them while chatting will make their day! 

If you happen to live alone and are feeling particularly isolated during this pandemic, we are sending you extra love today. We know it isn't easy. 

Let us know how this Act of Kindness made you feel in the comments below.