Day 23: Share Good News

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Posted on December 23, 2020

Day 23: Share Good NewsEven though many of the news headlines can be doom and gloom these days, today's AoK is all about sharing some good news - like the good news shared by Jim Krasinski from "The Office". Check out the 2020 Christmas edition for his latest uplifting good news.

Don't you love it when others have good news to share? Well guess what, today your task is to brighten someone else's day by being the one to share good news.

No matter how dire life may seem, there's always something good to share.

- Have you eaten a delicious meal lately? Share that with the cashier at the grocery store.

- Did someone let you in ahead of them in traffic? Mention it to the next person you talk to. 

- Are you enjoying the book you're reading? Share the details with a loved one.

- Have you come across a heartwarming story? Tweet about it.

Big or small, good news is for sharing. Share some good news with us below.