Day 10: Send a Hand-Written Card

I did this! 329

Posted on December 10, 2013

Acts of Kindness - Send a Hand-Written CardJust the other day, I went to the North Pole Post Office and got the usual flyers, bills, and junk mail. What stood out was a hand-written card from Penguin, sealed with a kiss. Awww, warm glow in my already warm heart.

Speaking of warm glow, we are making a difference! Together, we have completed nearly 5,000 AoKs. Woohoo!

That tells me that you are up for today’s challenge. Your kind deed for today is to make that extra effort to write a Christmas card (and send it of course) to someone you care about. If you’re the card writing type and have already gone through your list of friends and family, how about making a hand-made card?

As a kindness ambassador, I’ve discovered that the cliché is true: it’s the thought that counts. So put your thoughts into an envelope and send it.


The AoK Polar Bear, xoxo

P.S. Share what you did so we can all feel inspired by you.