Day 6: Surprise a Loved One

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Posted on December 6, 2013

Acts of Kindness - Surprise a Loved One

Everybody loves a surprise! So we are declaring it Surprise-day Friday. Your AoK challenge for today is to do something special for a loved one and then say “surprise".

Here are some ideas:
- Come home earlier than expected. Surprise!
- Buy a bouquet of flowers for someone, just because. Surprise!
- Do a house chore you don’t normally do. Surprise!
- Phone a friend, again. Surprise!
- Hide a little gift under someone’s pillow. Surprise!

Whatever you do, big or small, just being able to say “surprise” is the prize.

Quick update: 

1. We completed another 600+ AoK’s yesterday and we’re closing in on 25% completion of our goal of 10,000 AoKs. Keep spreading the kindness! 

2. Surprise! A limited supply of Kindness Ambassador stickers are available at Noomii Headquarters for you. Reply to this tweet or leave a comment if you want one!