Day 17: Give to the Needy

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Posted on December 17, 2013

Acts of Kindness - Give to the NeedyThis Christmas you’ll likely be exchanging plenty of gifts with friends and family. And as great as that is, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are many people around us who aren’t quite so blessed.

So today’s AoK is to give to those among us who need it the most. A quick and easy way to do that is to go down to your local shopping street and put a few coins in the Salvation Army bucket (don’t forget to thank the volunteer!). 

You can also extend a charitable donation to your favourite not-for-profit society, whether it be the local food bank or the Red Cross.

If you can spare the time, consider ways that you can give directly to those in need:

- Spend some time visiting with the elderly in an old folks home
- Volunteer to serve food at your local soup kitchen 
- Bring a homeless person some food and share a meal or snack with them

And if you have kids, get them involved too. Together, we are making this December a more heartwarming experience for thousands of people.

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P.S. Wowzer! We've completed nearly 6500 AoKs, more than doubling last year's count. As we count down the days until Christmas, let's be extra diligent to keep spreading kindness and clicking the "I did this" button. Help us get to our goal of 10,000 AoKs because the world can use a little (or a lot) more kindness.