Day 3: Be Kind to Animals

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Posted on December 3, 2013

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Acts of Kindness - Be Kind to Animals

Today, we’d like you to turn on your kindness radar for our furry, scaly, flippery, and blubbery friends.

Yesterday’s Act of Kindness write-up inadvertently created some controversy. That was not our intention so today, we’d like to ensure that we take extra care to be kind to animals.  

If you are the owner of a furry friend such as a cat, dog, gerbil, or mouse, how about giving them an extra little ear scratch today? Or an extra yummy treat. If you have a fish, how about getting them a new plastic castle or better yet, a water volcano like Mount Wannahockaloogie in the movie Nemo.

If you’re not a pet owner, you can volunteer for a local pet shelter for an hour or two. They can always use a helping hand to keep the animals company or to take them for walks.

Or you can divert your kindness to our flying feathered friends. A little bird seed can go a long way. Tweet, tweet!

Enjoy spreading kindness to animals today. Share your stories in the comments below.