Day 12: Give Someone Homeless Something Warm

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Posted on December 12, 2022

Artwork and words by Eason & Kayleb from Mr. Duteil's & Mr. Gazel’s grade 6 classes at École Glenmore Elementary.


During these holidays many homeless people are suffering from the cold snow and would love it if you help them out this Christmas. Imagine living outside in the cold about to freeze and nobody is helping you and someone nice (soon to be you) comes up to you with a warm cozy blanket or a coat for you to finally be warm after a long winter of getting frostbite.  Does it make their day? It doesn't even have to be something expensive like a coat or a blanket, you could just easily make homemade hot cocoa at your own home.

First you need to go to the store or your house and buy or find something warm you don't mind giving away. Then you must go and give one of those items to someone homeless. It will fill your heart with pride when you see their smiles that they you gave to them!


Pendant ces vacances beaucoup de les sans abris était souffrance de la

Froid et aimerais si tu aides ill cette Noel.  Imagine vivant dehors dans le froid a propos de geler et un personnel gentil(futur toi) arriver et donner toi un chaud, confortable couverture ou un manteau après un long hiver de obtenir gelure. Ça va faire sa journée. Ca pas droit d'être quelque chose cher comme une couverture ou un manteau ça peut être un fait maison chocolat chaud..

Premièrement, tu dois aller au magasin ou à ta maison et acheter ou chercher quelque chose chaud que tu ne peux pas déranger donner à une personne avec pas de maison.